Walking Meditation and Gratitude

Posted: July 3, 2017 by Starr LaMonde, CTRS

Woman Walking On Road During Sunrise

This will change your life. I mean it! We all know what we need to do to improve both our physical well being and mental health. What if we could combine different techniques into a solid everyday routine? Let’s Talk!

Yesterday I posted a little bit on motivation and we touched a little bit on meditation.  There are numerous ways to meditate, however for this article we are going to be discussing walking.

I’m in Michigan, we are starting to have some beautiful mornings, what better than to start your day with a walk.  During a solitary walk, your mind tends to wander.  Let’s take a minute to discuss how to control that wander and put it to good use.

First you are want to focus on your steps and your breathing.  Let’s pick a good pace.

Check in with your emotions.  What do you need?  Focus on your self, get to know yourself a  little better.

Next, while we are walking, let’s try to guide our meditation a bit:

  • I am thankful for :
  • I am really good at:
  • The goal I am working on is:
  • One great idea I have is:
  • One way I can be productive today is:

This is your exercise, so you can tailor it to suit you.  Maybe you would like to focus on a mantra.  Try thinking or saying a positive specific phrase to yourself.  An example could be; “I am capable and well loved.”  Make up your own.  What are the words you need to hear?

If you are able to complete this task everyday, it will become routine (first step in improving motivation).  This exercise will increase your focus, motivation, and overall health.

Get Walking!